Humans Rising Manifesto and Invitation

We guide our members to utilize the gifts of reason, intuition, intention, attention, and imagination to craft a beautiful life in alignment with God’s laws.

Life is a miracle. We are all miracles endowed with unique genius. Our learning model returns us to the way we are designed to learn enfused with the wisdom we have gained over the past few decades about how life and reality operate.

Societal programming has tricked us into believing we are powerles and need to blindly obey authority. The world is being ruled by highly schooled people who have lost touch with their divinity and worship their own egos. It is convenient for the rulers of society to have you march along the standardized path into a life of voluntary servitude.

Life is a miracle and we only need to look at the beauty, complexity, and perfection of nature to thank our Creator for the unlimiited abundance we have been gifted. Society has distorted this abundance with unnatural govenment, monetary, and legal systems so that a few claim ownership over what was freely gifted to us by God.

Every man, woman and child is a miracle. Each soul already has everything needed to craft a meaninful life and career of service. It is convenient for society to have you march along the standardized path into a life of voluntary servitude.

You deserve more. And the world needs your creativity and gifts. You are not alone. We are building a network of Private Learning Associations (PLAs) that model their fellowships and learning paths on the way that we are designed by the Creator to learn and thrive.

Our Undertanding of Humanity


Most children are born: 

  • WISE

Until they are conditioned to become: 


We Understand the Schooling is Fatally Flawed

The fatal flaw of the schooling paradigm is that it was designed from FEAR. You have been conditioned to survive school rather than thrive in life. Schooling falsely claims that learning is a mechanical process best undertaken in neo-Darwinistic competitive individualism same-age classrooms following standardized curriculum. 

The results of schooling are shockingly grim, evidenced by the high illiteracy rates among college graduates, and adults; lack of engagement; student boredom; skyrocketing anxiety, depression and suicide; and widespread ignorance of fundamental knowledge. 

In addition, 45% of people with student loans don’t think college was worth it, 36% of college graduates had no cognitive gains after 4 years of college, and 70% of graduates from half of U.S. colleges make no more than high school graduates, college tuition has risen 1200% since 1978, and the average college grad has $30,000 in student debt with monthly payments of $393. Young people are bored, anxious, depressed, not learning much, and college becomes indentured servitude for many people. 

A Learning Model Based in Reality

Science is currently engaged in a shift that is equal in importance to the Copernican revolution. When we are set free science from the myths of materialism, we find that consciousness is primary and human thought is the most powerful creative force on the planet.

Recent scientific discoveriers help ust to

  1. You are powered by intelligent energy. You are made of aliveness, an intelligent energy, life itself. There is an intelligent energy that powers all life. This is the universal, impersonal intelligence that opens roses, turns acorns into oak trees, grew you from a single cell into a whole person, and powers the amazing operations of your body. Inside of all of us is a boundless, formless, creative energy that cannot be damaged or hurt. Everyone has access to this intelligence. Not just the affluent or lucky. 
  2. You are aware. You are conscious. Consciousness is what allows you to know and perceive. You are pure, impersonal awareness. Within this space of awareness thoughts arise and disappear. A useful metaphor is seeing yourself as the clear blue sky and your thoughts as clouds that move across the sky. We are conditioned to look at the clouds, not the sky.
  3. You create your reality. You are the thinker. You are not your thoughts. Each of us constructs a Self and a world through our thinking process and then choose moment-by-moment how to live in this thought created reality. When we understand how to master the gifts of reason, intuition, intention, attention, and imagination, we cannot be controlled or manipulated by fear-based authorities, systems, or propaganda. 

Reclaiming Reality

Most of what we are taught in school is inert, conceptual knowledge that we cannot apply to building a beautiful life. Schooling is designed to control how we view reality. All of the science we are taught is corrupted by the false dogmatic religion of scientism and physicalism. The history that we are taught is designed to create an allegiance to a false government. The way in which we are taught, primarily rote memorization, repetition, and whole word reading is designed to dumb us down and make us illiterate.

Our learning paths invite direct participation with this miraculous universe and the development of logic and reason to discern Truth.

Our Principles

We invite you to help us build a network of private learning associations (PLAs) based on the following principles: 

  1. Each PLA is innovative, adaptive, and self-organizing. 
  2. The goal of the PLA is free and empowered individuals who use their minds, creativity, and energy to co-create a free and fair society and healthy biosphere.  
  3. We are united around a shared cause of protecting every human’s natural state of peace, joy, and wisdom while expanding wisdom, peace, and prosperity. 
  4. Loving relationships are at the center of our community. They catalyze collaboration.
  5. Learning is emergent and soul-directed, not prescribed or predetermined. The focus of our community is mastery of Self, the evolution of consciousness, and holistic wellbeing instead of information processing and mastery of subject matter. 
  6. Propaganda and all forms of indoctrination, coercion, and psychological maniipulation are prohibited.
  7. The definition of success expands to include the impact an individual has on the whole, including other people and the biosphere. Personal excellence replaces unbridled individual competition. Experiences and relationships are valued over the accumulation of stuff. 
  8. Learning is fun again. As you connect with thought leaders who are seeking Truth, your view of life shifts and you become re-enchanted with the world again. . 
  9. We invite you to invest their time, energy, and money in your local communities instead of joining multi-national companies and overpriced, elite higher education institutions.