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Our society’s on the wrong path.
You’ve got wisdom to share.

Our Mentors are experts whose insights are revolutionizing their field.

Insight Mentors

How can you transform the worldview of each Insight Scholar?

Insight Mentors are on the cutting edge of their field and have ideas and wisdom to share with young people. Instead of marching young people through standardized curriculum, we design Inquiry Projects with the goal of transforming how they view the world.

You can share your important work in many ways:

  • Podcast Episode – let’s talk about what you are up to!

  • Virtual Q&A session – Create a curated collection of your work (books, articles, talks) and host a Q&A session to answer questions

  • Lead a Workshop or Webinar – we will record it to add to our Wisdom Library.

  • Design an Inquiry Project – a hands-on project for Scholars designed around a question that lasts a quarter (8 weeks) or a semester (16 weeks)

We’re partnering with Mentors in quantum physics, quantum biology, subtractive psychology, natural healing, science of consciousness, philosophy, regenerative economics, and more!


Insight Coaches

Are you a Three Principles coach who wants to work with young people and adults in transition? Are you an educator who understands the power of creativity and thought?

Insight coaches guide Scholars on their learning journeys, helping them choose and design projects, mentors, learning cohorts, and work projects. You’ll get amazing professional development and will join a team of coaches who meet regularly to coach and support each other.

Insight Mentors and Coaches
make magic happen.

A small commitment with a HUGE impact.