How it Works

We Serve Individuals seeking Truth and Families Wanting to Create an Alternative or Supplement to School for their Children

To become part of our ministry, you need to be in alignment with our Manifesto and agree to the following values:

Our Values


the energy that powers the universe


there is an absolute truth that can be discovered by direct observation of the Universe and God’s laws


your natural state


your spirit cannot be broken


we are here to serve and do no harm to sentient beings

What is a Private Learning Association?

As society is rapidly changing, we are waking up to the understanding that we need to find new ways to educate our children and offer our gifts and talents to the world. In the past two centuries, most of what used to be done in the private realm has been moved into the public domain.

A Private Learning Association (PLA) operates as an integrated auxiliary of the Divine Light Ministry. As such, a PLA operates in the private. We always act lawfully and remain at peace while moving the education of our selves and our children into a private venue.

Humans Rising Fellowship intends to organize men and women who are seeking to educate their children the way God designed us to learn – through active learning, play, and direct inquiry. Our members also seek to work and live in a way that benefits all beings and life. Members benefit from well designed learning paths, courses and lessons to help us discern truth and guide us to a new way of living. Additionally, each PLA has direct access to other members and PLAs on parallel paths for the exchange of ideas, learning resources, and sharing the journey with like-hearted men and women to guide and support each other.