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We help people ages 14-25 find their Genius Zone

Stop looking outside of your Self for answers.

We’ve got it all backwards. Instead of filling brains with information, we connect people with their innate wisdom, peace, and unconditional joy. That is their natural state of being. From this place, they can learn and do anything.

The most important thing to develop is wisdom and common sense. Then you can step back from a situation, see the big picture, and know what to do.

— Caprice Thorsen

Schooling is so focused on teaching what to think, it doesn’t show us how to use the power of our creative mind.

The winner of the game of schooling is the one who processes the most information. That’s a broken measuring stick. You weren’t designed to process information.

That’s where Insight Scholars comes in. The complexity of our times invites us to unleash the creative power of thought.

  1. Learn how your mind really works.

  2. Discover that you are not your story. You are so much more! (It’s not about replacing your limiting beliefs with empowering ones, it’s realizing that they are all made up.)

  3. Choose Insight and Inquiry projects that stimulate your curiosity, creativity, spark insights, and lead you to a meaningful and fulfilling livelihood.

Stop using your thinking as a weapon against yourself. Let go of limiting beliefs.

Enter your Genius Zone.

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Myth #1: You are alone in a cold, uncaring world.

The schooling paradigm is built on a story of separation. As Charles Eisenstein so clearly tells us, we need to move to a story of Interbeing. As long as we believe that we are separate blocks of physical matter that need to compete for scarce resources (grades, honor roll, GPA, jobs, money, status, stuff) then we will continue our fear-based journey of trying to control all of our experiences so that we feel okay and safe.

It’s not your fault. You have been conditioned to view the world in this way and are doing the best you can inside of this false worldview.

We are stressed, anxious, fearful, depressed, apathetic, and lonely.

Myth #2: Human thinking is passive. Experiences cause your thoughts. Thinking is not a creative force.

We are conditioned to use reactive thinking, not creative thinking. Things happen and we react, then we think and say, “Well of course I’m upset, you would be upset too if you had the same experience.” Life becomes a continuous reaction to outside stimuli. You are sad or happy and decide if life has meaning or is meaningless using what happens to you day to day as evidence.

Experiences do not cause thoughts.

Experiences give you the perfect opportunity to be upset, sad, angry, happy, or peaceful. Experiences do happen. Once over, they are gone and live only in your thoughts. But we innocently believe that experiences mean something.

We are the creators of meaning.

Human thought is the most powerful force in the world. It creates our life stories through our beliefs and habitual thoughts. When we change our relationship to our thinking, we are free to write an awesome life story and enjoy every moment.

We are unaware that we are the thinker, we are not our thoughts. We live in our heads, constantly processing information, hoping for peace and happiness at the end of a thought storm. We are deprived of the joy of being alive.

Myth #3: Your intellect defines who you are

Our brains are fabulous tools of our greater mind that we can use to process and analyze information. Schooling disconnects us from our greater mind and the wisdom that is always available to us.

We are trained like flesh-covered robots to process information and obey. Your self-worth is measured by how much information you process. Humans are not designed for information processing.

The artificial measuring stick of schooling makes us all feel like impostors.

Myth #4: Life is something to be conquered, not to be held sacred

When kids are allowed free time in nature, they stay enchanted with the natural world. If they are able to engage in fresh scientific discovery and philosophical debates, they will love learning. Schooling pretends that adults have figured it all out and a kid’s job is to memorize the facts of life. Did you know we are in the middle of a new scientific revolution that will turn everything you think on its head? This makes standards, standardized curriculum, and testing an incredible waste of time and resources.

A boring, rigid schooling system blocks free play, nature immersion, inquiry, philosophy, and conversation. We lose the awe and wonder of being alive and creative.

Myth #5: You need to obey

You’ve been psychologically manipulated to obey no matter what cost. School’s laser focus on standardized information processing requires a culture of coercion. Teachers are forced to march kids through standardized, mind-numbing, often inaccurate curriculum. Schooling takes away our free will and the power of choice. We are not allowed to choose what we think, what we learn, how we learn it, who our teachers and mentors are. 

We’re busy chasing a false promise of future happiness and obeying outside authorities while our lives slip by. 


Grim Results of Schooling

Schooling is not a neutral system that needs to be fixed. It is a powerful instrument of social engineering that is impeding the evolution of human consciousness. We get kids to keep playing the game of school by dangling the carrot of college acceptance before them, beginning in middle school. Nobody tells them that this game is rigged. 

Schooling is information processing and behavior control. It has made us insecure, fearful, and confused. Many of us cannot tell fact from fiction. Lacking the connection to our own wisdom and inner knowing, we can be manipulated and controlled by multinational companies using fear-based propaganda.


Apathy & Depression

  • 31% of high school students report major depressive symptoms: 17% consider suicide.

  • 75% report material being taught is not interesting.

  • 44% of new K-12 teachers leave the profession within 5 years, stating the reason they leave as dissatisfaction.


  • 86% of 15-year olds in the U.S. can’t tell fact from fiction.

  • Half of colleges students and adults can’t compare viewpoints in 2 editorials

  • 52% of American can’t compare credit card offers


  • 36% of graduates had no cognitive gains after 4 years of college 

  • 37% of Americans don’t know that Freedom of Speech is one of the rights in the U.S. Constitution

  • 43% of Americans don’t know there are 3 branches of government in the U.S. and 33% are unable to name even one branch of government.

Higher Ed Crisis

  • Tuition has increase 1,200% since 1978

  • Average student loan debt is ~$30,000 with payments averaging $393/mo

  • 40-50% of graduates work in jobs that don’t require a college degree

  • 70% of graduates from over half of U.S. colleges make less $ than high school graduates.

  • 45% of people with student debt say college wasn’t worth the cost

Caprice Thorsen

founder, Insight Scholars

Caprice Thorsen is the catalyst behind Insight Scholars. Caprice has an MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon and a BA in Anthropology from University of Virginia but she doesn’t let her schooling get in the way. Early in her career she worked for two boutique strategy consulting firms and two US Senators.

She has invested 15 years creating alternatives to factory schooling, including;

  • Received start-up grants of $500,000 to start two K-12 self-directed learning charter schools in California, but coudn’t get them authorized. Seriously! Who gets the funding without permission?

  • Created K-12 distance learning programs and a global parent coaching program for SelfDesign Learning Foundation.

  • Created and ran a self-directed learning community in California.

  • Co-founder of a Sudbury School in North Carolina.

  • California Teachers College, Faculty & Administrative Dean. Opening June 2021. Created an online course on Self-Directed Learning.

  • Awakening Wisdom, Program Designer & Master Trainer, developing mindset education and training for teachers. 

Learn more about her business strategy advisory and insight coaching.

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