Foundation Courses

Deprogramming our Minds. Seeking the Truth

We are offering an ever growing selection of courses that are a mix of self-paced and live discussions to engage your curiosity and provide a container for individual and shared exploration of reality. What is really true? We curate resources and bring in people who are leaders in the quest for truth to engate with our network of private learning associations.

These courses will be offered in different levels to reflect the ages and stages of learning. Children are naturally curious and want to know how the world works and how they fit into it. All courses are available to every age, but with differing levels of complextiy and a differing balance of hands-on exploration and socratic discussion.

Foundation Courses in development include:

How Does Our Vision Really Work?

What is Happiness?

What is Money?

The Myth of Evolution

The Civil War in the United States

The History of Science

Natural Philosophy

Sacred Geometry

Logic and Reason



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