Educating for individual self-agency and providing a framework
for private learning associations that replace school

Welcome to a new way of learning. The way humans are designed to learn.

You might not feel fine right now. Children, teens and adults adults are struggling with anxiety and depression at skyrocketing rates. That’s why we created Humans Rising.

When so many people are struggling with the same things, it means that our society is pathogical, you are not.

The game of “success” is rigged. The money system is rigged. The legal system is corrupted.

You know it. And you might be afraid that you will “lose” if you don’t play. The truth is that we are all losing this stupid game because you cannot achieve your way to peace and happiness.

We help you design a game that you can win (and enjoy).

Our culture is toxic. Our institutions are corrupt.

Deprogram your mind and you will thrive.

Schooling is so focused on training you to obey, you might not have learned valuable life skills or how to create what you want.

The winner of the game of schooling is the one who processes the most information. That’s a broken measuring stick. You weren’t designed to process information.

That’s where we come in. The uncertainty of our times invites us to unlock our genius and create a new world. Together. In a network of local private learning associations.

If you are tired of the status quo, have lost faith in the bureaucrats running colleges and the country, then we invite you to form a local private learning association for your children and/or join the umbrella private learning association to connect with adults who are on the path to authoring their own lives.

Our Learning Paths are Designed to help ages 5-99:

  1. Deprogram your mind.
  2. Master your thinking.
  3. Learn how to learn.
  4. Ask powerful questions about reality.
  5. Discern absolute Truth.
  6. Play with other free thinkers.
  7. Create a life and livelihood aligned with your values.

No standardized curriculum. No high stakes testing. No artificial grades. A network of private learning associations supported by coaches, connected to mentors. Traveling the path together.

K-12 Schooling is the Abusive Path to Nowhere
because Higher Ed is failing most young adults.

Schooling is information processing and behavior control. It has made us insecure, fearful, and confused. We are affected by fear-based propaganda and social media designed to “hook” our attention and manipulate our behavior.

  • 70% of graduates from over half of U.S. colleges make less money than high school graduates.
  • 45% of people with student debt say college wasn’t worth it.
  • Tuition has increase 1,200% since 1978
  • Average student loan debt is ~$30,000 ($393/mo)
  • 40-50% of graduates work in jobs that don’t require a degree
  • 36% of graduates had no cognitive gains after 4 years of college.

It’s time to hack your learning and career to create a life that you love.