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We are building a thriving community to help you discover your gifts and passions and thrive without stress and anxiety in these uncertain times. If you are 17-25, let us now how can we help you navigate the future. Join our interest list and let us know what you need most.

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We are looking for people who are tired of the status quo and know there is a better way.

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Our community is opening Fall 2020

We’re looking for people who are tired of the status quo and know there is a better way.

Taking a Gap Year? Struggling to do College from home? The Lifeboat Community is here to help.

Taking a Gap Year? Struggling to do College from home? The Lifeboat Community is here to help.

If you are frustrated with the state of the world, we’re here to write a new human story together.

College fails 80% of young people.

The problems that you are inheriting cannot be solved with the current level of thinking in school or society. If you have an interest or skill that is not valued by school, you are not alone. Sir Ken Robinson made the wry observation that school trains people to be professors (too bad that is a shrinking profession).

Our Lifeboat Community will guide you to create a meaningful and satisfying life. You got this!

Lifeboat Community. You are not alone!



Learn how you are uniquely wired to create. Follow your curiosity. Get re-enchanted with life. Join a 2020 Exploration or propose your own Big Question. You will see the world and your place in it differently.

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College is preparing you for jobs that don’t exist. If you have an idea, we will connect you with the resources and mentors to make it happen. Or just learn the ropes of building something so you’re ready when the idea pops.

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You cannot seek happiness. Get off of the self-improvement treadmill. Get coaching, support and guidance on your journey to learn to love yourself, just as you are. Learn to avoid social media hooks and distortions.

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Develop Self-Agency & Critical Life Skills

School wants you to sit still and be quiet. We want you to step into your full power and follow
your interests and curiosity. So that you create a meaningful and satisfying fulfilling life.


Who are you really?

Learn how your human operating system works. Where does your experience of life come from? How can emotions act as your internal GPS? Are your personal thoughts true?

Value-Creation Mindset

Develop and Implement solutions to real problems. Build essential entrepreneurship skills including customer discovery, prototyping, marketing, distribution, and sales.


We all want to be part of nurturing, loving relationships. Supercharge your people skills to communicate clearly, negotiate compassionately, and repel pathological people.


Live Out Loud

Learn by doing – blogging, vlogging, podcasting, public speaking, conversations, interviews. Conversation is the most powerful technology ever invented. You will become a master.

Never Be Fooled Again

Learn how tech entrepreneurs designed their apps and products to be highly addictive. They use behavioral psychology to hook us and manipulate us. Get unhooked.

Financial Independence

Learn what they never teach in school – real world economics, finance, debt, money so that you can prosper.