Big Questions

Follow your curiosity. It is a message from your soul.

99% of what you have been taught about life is wrong. Our current scientific paradigm of materialism and separation has been proven wrong.

Our Big Questions will spark your curiosity and get you back into the flow of life. You are a wave on the ocean of life. The universe has got your back.

Inquiry Based Learning using
Big Questions

Learning happens when we are free to pursue investigations into questions that are meaningful to us.

Below are some questions that our team are curious about and exploring. Join the conversation when you form a local private learning association.

Is the Universe Conscious?

Science is engaged in a Copernican shift. Learn how new advances in science can free you to be who you are. Not your boring science class. We watch fascinating videos, documentaries, read books, articles, and research papers and go deep to explore this fascinating question. Life requires matter, energy, and intelligence. Where does this intelligence come from? Why are you even here? What is your purpose?

Where Do My Thoughts Come from?

Science has yet to figure out where consciousness and thinking come from. This question encourages us to directly explore our minds to understand how they work and how we can master our minds to create the lives we want.

Are Plants Intelligent?

Scientists have been doing some mind-blowing experiments that show that plants can hear, sense when someone is thinking of harming them, and travel into the future to decide where to put energy. It’s all reproducible, peer-reviewed science just waiting to blow your mind.

Do My Pets Know When I’m Coming Home?

With the blessing of renowned scientist, Rupert Sheldrake, we will explore for ourselves the telepathic abilities of our pets. Research has shown that animals have powers beyond what we have previously considered.

Create your own Big Question

What Big Question would you like to explore? We’ll make it happen together! Join our community interest list. (coming soon)